I’m the only one of me!

Richard Lee

University of Auckland

I’m the only one of me!

Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours

Computer Science

Auckland, New Zealand  

University of Auckland | Computer Science

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University of Auckland  |  Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours  |  Computer Science

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Kia Ora, my name is Richard, welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and interning at Canary data solutions. I started the University of Auckland Motorsport Club in my first year at the university, and I'm currently the club secretary and software engineer. You can find me on Linkedin or email me. Simply get started by hovering over the navigation bar, hope you enjoy my page and have a great day! Hope you enjoy my page and have a great day!

Intern Experience & Projects

Intern Experience

Software Engineer

September 2020 — Current

• In a team of 3, we improved the robustness of the system by rewriting over 150 JavaScript files into TypeScript files

• Complete redesign of the company website (yet to publish)

• Communicate directly with clients to carry out feature requests and / or to resolve problem report

- Tech stack: ASP.NET • C#/VB • JavaScript/TypeScript • Knockout/Vue • mssql • TeamCity/Jenkins • TortoiseHg • Octopus Deploy

Software Engineer - Chancery investment banking interview App

September 2020 — March 2021  |  Berkeley, CA

• Improved front-end fetch logic by adding helper functions

• Improved mobile browsing experience by redesigning the mobile layout

• Created the front-end UI and logic for the feedback button

- Tech stack: React • Node.js • jQuery • Bootstrap

Junior Developer

January 2020 — Current

• Created a script that calculates and returns the number and percentage of written-off New Zealand new vehicles after the first 18 months of purchase

• Improve the system durability by testing the front-end using Cypress

• Gained valuable experience of working in a fast-paced startup environment

- Tech stack: Next.js • Node.js • GraphQL • Jest • Cypress • HubSpot

Web Developer

January 2020 — November 2020  |  Marketing team

• Working in a team of four, we rebuilt and designed Velocity (CIE)’s Website with Javascript and WordPress

• Maintenance of the Velocity Website

- Tech stack: WordPress • HTML • CSS • Javascript • Git

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Software Projects

Chrome extension to enable YouTube comment section

• Developed a Chrome browser extension that lets user comment on “comment disabled” YouTube videos

• Created an algorithm that sorts comments with timestamp and number of likes as attributes

• Host on AWS with AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda

• Integrated OAuth and OpenCV for one-click log in

- Utilised: jQuery • AJAX • AWS DynamoDB • AWS Lambda • Serverless • Chrome extension SDK • Node.js

Nasdaq ETF portfolio copier and autotrader

• Developed an automation software that fetches ETF portfolios from web API and calculates changes made since the last fetch

• Software will send out daily reports to notify the user of portfolio changes

• When connected to trading brokers, the software can use API calls to execute orders. e.g. Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade…

- Utilised: Node.js • AJAX • TypeScript • Moment.js • Nodemailer • Shell commands • Beautifulsoup

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Personal portfolio website (this project!)

• Developed my own portfolio website to better present myself

• Used to host on AWS with S3, Route 53 and Cloudfront, now housing with Netlify

- Utilised: Netlify • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • jQuery • Bootstrap • Knockout • Font Awesome

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News and information App

• Developed an App for my University Club to share information and news, as well as upcoming events

• Developed an API for the App with the functionalities of GET and POST

• Currently maintaining the App, including posting new articles, fixing bugs and issuing updates

- Utilised: React Native • Expo • Node.js • AWS DynamoDB • AWS Lambda • Serverless

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JavaScript / TypeScript
C# / VB
React / React Native
AWS / Serverless
Octopus Deploy


JavaScript / TypeScript


React and React Native

Version Control

AWS / Serverless

Volunteering & Employments

Volunteering and Others

University of Auckland Motorsport Club

- President and founder | July 2019 — July 2020

- Secretary and software engineer | July 2020 — Current

• Founded the University of Auckland Motorsport Club in my first year of University (~500 Members)

• The purpose of the club is to create entertainment for busy University life as well as promote Safe Driving

• Sponsored by Red Bull, hold events about once every month during the semesters

University of Auckland Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

August 2019 — December 2019  |  Education team

• MC for innovation seminars which runs fortnightly

• Volunteer at Velocity events, e.g. Innovation challenge, 100k finals

Volunteer at Nelson Cathedral

2014 — 2017

• Volunteered over 200 hours at the Nelson Christ Church Cathedral between 2014 and 2017

• Helped out with Sunday school and Church’s school holiday kids’ program (about 2 to 3 times a year)

Class representative for the University

Semester One and Two 2019

• Class representative for ECON 151 in semester one 2019, COMPSCI 110, 120 in semester two 2019

• Helped students better communicating with their lecturer by creating Facebooks pages, regular surveys and so on

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Automotive Mechanic Assistant in Shanghai


• Performed a number of basic servicing tasks on vehicles, including oil changes, tyre changes, repair and replacement of minor engine components, and cleaning of cars

Attend tech conferences regularly, e.g. OWASP, Postman Galaxy, AWS re:Invent...

Car lover. In high school, I bought cheap vehicles, fixed them up, and refurbished them, then sold them at a higher price. I have owned 8 vehicles so far. (More in the About section)

More than years of experience repairing phones and computers


Store Manager and Repair Technician – Tech Xtreme Ltd, Auckland

December 2019 – March 2020

• Manage the store, handling stock ordering and customer queries

• The roll involves repairing mobile devices and providing support services to software

• Usually repairs 3 - 4 devices a day

Software & Hardware Repair Technician – Smart Phone Repair Ltd, Nelson

March 2018 – December 2018

• In this position, I was responsible for repairing broken devices presented by clients. Common issues I dealt with included cracked screen replacements, worn out batteries, motherboard failure, operating system diagnosis and repair, and a wide variety of other related work

Classroom & Window Cleaner – Nelson College


• General cleaning of school environments, including vacuuming, window cleaning, sweeping, and rubbish clearing

Kitchenhand – Nelson College

2015 - 2018

• This is a casual position and involves cleaning around the kitchen, food preparation, stock rotation, and miscellaneous tasks


Personal Statements


I actively enjoy communication and collaboration: brainstorming, group work, and vibrant discussion are the contexts in which I am in my element and am the most productive.

Personal Life and Hobbies

I take great interest in technology and entrepreneurship. My personal hobbies and interests include cars (including repairing and selling), digital technology (such as blockchain, AI/ML, human-computer interaction and discrete mathematics), hard technology (such as repairing phones, computers and other hardware as a hobby and for business), and banking / commercial sector (such as stock trading. and investing).


A prominent goal for myself during my time in tertiary study is to gain meaningful experience in the commercial sector. This is important to me because I value opportunities to engage with people who are experienced in their field, improve my own skills, broaden my perspective, and form connections in the field that I look up to and seek to one day join.


University of Auckland

Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours

March 2019 — December 2022 (Expected)

Computer Science

Outstanding courses:

Computer Science 110 - Introduction to Computer Systems - A-

Computer Science 210 - Computer Systems 1 - A+

Computer Science 220 - Algorithms and Data Structures - A

Computer Science 230 - Object-Oriented Software Development - A+

Nelson College

NCEA Level 3 achieved with Excellence

July 2014 — December 2018

Nelson, New Zealand


Hockey — I played field hockey for two and a half years in high school

Mountain Biking — I enjoy mountain biking a lot, with a mixture of casual trial riding and intance downhill riding



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I promise that you'll never find another like me!

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